Whats your ancestry/how did your ancestors come to the Americas?


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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My mothers fathers ancestors was a scottish fur trader who married a native american
My mothers mother is southern mexican, near Honduras
My fathers father immigrated from Holland, 100% Dutch
My mothers father was Russian, British, and other european ancestry
Mom's mom's side is danish/english, lots of viking implications as the family is from areas with heavy danelaw historical presence (yorkshire, norfolk)
Mom's dad was adopted, so don't really know. most likely english tho
Both of my dad's parents are descendants of eastern european ashkenazi jews - grandma's family was from belarus near pinsk, grandpa's family was from odessa ukraine
I'm quite impressed you guys have such a long/big history.

AFAIK, my father is German and my mom is half-german/half-french.
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Commies on both sides. I'm first generation Murica. We speak English and Russian about equally in my family.
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