Why play Pawn Tactics?


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Pawn Credits
I own an xbox (2001) and a nintendo wii (2007)

I like multiplayer games, so PT is convenient. However I know some of you play LoL, WoW, CoD and the like. With vid games better than PT, why play PT?
I mean I took 3-4 month hiatus after purchasing 6 months worth of multiplayer enabling. I guess the feeling of constant non stagnant matching with players doesn't suit me too well.
Playing w/ friends and family on xbox- hec I'll sign in asap12
As for PT I look forward to the 9:30 pms..
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It's still a really great game from the old Flash era.

It was so good it was one of the rare Flash games my brother said he enjoyed; because he actually wasn't a big fan of Pawn.

I love both games though. They both have their upsides.
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