Your Favorite Maps

January 1, 2019
Which maps, any throughout PT's history, have been your all-time favorites per each game type? For me:

1v1: Compact Bound
DM: Jail Break
TDM: Ground Plan
Assault: Conquest
CTF: Organized Chaos
ETF: MoMo Land
KoTH: Ruins
TKoTH: Devastation
SRV: Stay Alive

(Forgot 1v1 and SRV originally, thanks MoMo)
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1v1 DM: Compact Bound
FFA-DM: Bloodbath
TDM: The Citadel
Assault: Sever
CTF: Riot Zone
ETF: MoMoland
FFA-KoTH: Survival
TKoTH: Gallant
SRV: Split Lines
CTF Locked inside
CTF Organized Chaos
DM Death Sentence
TDM Ground plan
1v1: Freefight
DM: Death Sentence
TDM: Divine Arena
Assault: Conquest
CTF: Parting Ways/Rivalry
ETF: Tey
KoTH: Pyramid
TKoTH: Devastation/Gauntlet
SRV: none; hate this mode
1v1: Freeflight
DM: Death Sentence
TDM: Harambe
Assault: Sever
CTF: Organized Chaos
ETF: Cohort
KoTH: TThe Pyramid
TKoTH: United
SRV: Auto Show
CTF-Locked Inside/Organized chaos/Rivalry/Thunderbolt
DM- jail break
TDM- Vent
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