Adobe Flash Player Web Plugin End of Life


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December 27, 2018
Hey everyone, today marks the day of Adobe disabling their Flash Player web plugins. Historically Flash content has been mostly distributed via the web as that allowed anyone with a web browser to access it, which nearly every type of computer had. Games were published on game websites with advertisements alongside that allowed free to play to exist while developers and publishers still got paid.

The days of web Flash are now over as HTML5 has moved in. That being said, Adobe hasn't disabled its desktop Flash Players which is why Pawn Tactics' Windows version continues to work on the Flash platform.

I have decided to postpone Pawn's desktop version release until the next game update is ready. Everyone is welcome to apply as a Feature Tester in order to test the beta version of this update.
January 13, 2021
Alex when do you think youll have pawn up and running? I use to play back in the day when ChEeToHs was around
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