Most Underrated Player

My man can go 0-30 and he will still try to put up a fight. He doesn't rage quit. That takes another level of dedication
For example, some players turn into whiny little girls cause of commie
Meanwhile sn1pe plays under any circumstance
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Who is the most underrated player and why?
You ;) JK JK lol. Jang was great but i wouldn't call him underrated....

I think JohnCena some people would say hes the best but alot of people thought nothing of him, while he basically single handed carried him clan and team all the time lol! And his skills were better than what people gave credit.

Again this is underrated.... not best player.
Solis was pretty good at con
remember him being a solid teammate in CWs and i dont remembering him raging at me.. i was really bad then

i think he’s underrated, not sure about most

this underdog from amp/sfi as well rx216.. intriguing how those two clans panned out.

Yours truly... I won so many clan wars for so many clans.. can't even remember. SO MANY POINTS I WON FOR SO MANY CLANS.
Prettytony was great, but I wouldn't say underrated.... a good amount of people thought he was great, I don't know of many who didn't think much of him.

DON was an awesome clan.... good times in CWs.
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