Open Option to mute the radio messages


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January 11, 2019
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the ear rape that happens when someone spams radio messages is honestly annoying

am i the only one that feels this way or na
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The chat is important in PG and PT lol it includes server announcements and if you mute the noises then you need to read the voice commands on the chat
I remember people would join public games and just spam radio commands so it would probably be best to have an option for it
Well, there already is a cool down, and sometimes in clan wars one must use 3 separate radio commands in 5 seconds, so I don't think any further edits should occur. Sometimes players radio spam and there's really nothing that can be done to long-term improve PT. I would certainly appreciate a chat mute function. I currently put something over where chat would be in public games, and I can certainly assert that it greatly improves my gameplay. No negativity or being influenced by other players, just pure pawn tactics
i agree the radio is helpful, but if i join a public game and im chillin i dont want some sweaty child spamming it, know what im sayin? but ya it is helpful
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