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Damn, 60K kills. I really played a lot back then.

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Those are the only screenshots I have. I didn't even take screenies during the Sandboxd-era. Does anyone have Sandboxd-PT screenshots?
Soldiers of Destruction was my peak :') Does anyone have screenies of that period of resets where I lead the top clan the mobilizers? It was for a couple weeks before they reset the stats again. Just reminiscing back to when the management of PT didnt blow :')
72 users who are in a game. And that was not during PT's primetime. That was probably a late 2011 screenshot.
Someone else took this screenshot, because mod panel is not visible. I thin it was from Tiny or Zera.

Zyl-Haters :sob: @Ganio


Not sure why I have this screenshot. I thought it was funny lol


Just found something cool. It's a web-archive of our old forum. You can check it for different timelines (hint: newest archive is from August 2008):

PG world rank list is available too:
@Fusious at rank 1 (he was BloodyAngel13 if I'm not mistaken) @lilroosterbutt at place 21, @firstmate rank 37.
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Always fun to see old times. I think i have a few but I have nooo idea what my old photobucket account was.
Didn't read thread but was looking through Photobucket and found this 08 beta screenshot with you in the scoreboard @cantbeatme

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Died 0 times in a TDM this is a big medic accomplishment for me.


I see myself in a few of those pictures. I used to have a ton of SOI pictures when like 24 members were on at once. but my account got deleted a while ago with the pictures unfortunately..
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