PT screenshots

Oh god I don't remember the time frame but I must of been in SVG because Super was my clan leader at some point but don't remember much form Pt other than I was very addicted to the game at the time looking at all these screenshots.
I know nitex already posted this but there is my old IGN NerdyBoi with GWX so long ago i dont even remember GWX but I remember some of the players in the clan screenshots he posted. Fun times. Lots of memories looking at other screenshots too


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I'll bring out some pics I found. I lost a lot.

Man I'm so glad you shared these screenshots. I remember co-leading the clan TFS with one of the GOATS Klonoa for my last few months playing this game. Didn't have any screenshots to remember this by so it's nostalgic AF to see this now haha.
Good Old Time


Dam the DYN pic brings back memories. I remember my alt SnipeDatNoob lol.
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