PTers you know irl

none, everyone lives in the midwest or east coast. feelsbadman

soccerkiller does/did live in the same city as i do though, so i guess thats the closest person
I went to High School with one guy, I dont remember his username though. I only ever met him in the halls once. Other than that I had a couple brothers that played.
Would your brothers play again?

Also, who was the guy in highschool(username)?
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I don't know him personally, but BobMarley goes to the same college as me. We even have classes for 6 hours at the exact same time
There are a few players located in Toronto such as Aid, Dark, Fanta, Koso that I'd be down to link up one day. Also some people from the skype chat like Iced and Sky, etc.
I know Crazed and text a few others :D
No one who I've officially met, but some people I have added on real life platforms:
Chaincruiser, Tehokiller, Chernobyl, Lzbphpthlp, Indescribeable, Roflcopt3r
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