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January 5, 2019
Pawn Credits
The best of all time?

Flag carrier:
Clan leader:
Map maker
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Would like some fresh opinions @Sky
Those are old.

E: Added 4 more categories.

Assault: CraZeD
Guardian: Not too many Guard players, I guess Jared
Support: Haven’t played with that many meds but maybe Xenus
Lancer: Haven’t played with that many but maybe Legend.. I might include myself too
Heavy: Haven’t played with that many but maybe Legend.. or calvin( just know he would always hev, don’t remember how good he was)
Commander: Not sure. Mostly hate this class
Recon: Wiz(very tactical)
Mauler: Chernobyl/Wiz
Flag carrier: Wiz
Clan leader: Legend
Map maker: This is a hard choice to make, I’d say RipIt
Mod: Not sure since I never payed too much attention to mods, but maybe Sniper
obviously prefacing this by saying these decisions are made by my experiences playing this game and all of these are subjective

Assault: sephiroth
Guardian: useless class
Support: galinkinlin
Lancer: legend
Heavy: ikidd OR tdk
Commander: not even a real class
Recon: anyone with 100 or higher ping
Mauler: tehosegotin
Flag carrier: manubarca
Clan leader: liquidnitrogen
Map maker: pook
Mod: sniper OR skybro
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Assault: Crazed/Calmador
Guardian: Jared (doesn't really matter)
Support: Dixoncider
Lancer: No one
Heavy: Jangalang
Commander: No one
Recon: Manubarca/Vipur
Mauler: Komodros/Manubarca
Flag carrier: Crazed/SniperAim
Clan leader: Dan
Map maker: No one
No one
That is sandboxd era, we are in a new era

Commander is the best class and im the best at it

I honestly dont remember players and how good they were i just know when you dont truce with Cher then the game will be annoying for you when he is mauling.
i am the best commander
you are suck
Assault: JohnCena
Guardian: Cant name atm
Support: Hospital
Lancer: Cant name atm
Heavy: Zuggy69
Commander: Ranger
Recon: HighFlyJames
Why camp?
Flag carrier: LeLouch
Clan leader: Superstition
Map maker: Vile
Mod: EaEaEa or Hamo
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Note: If someone is really good at a class in 2019 and has been playing for a decade or so, they are likely to be better then majority than quit in 2013.

Assault: CraZeD , Sephiroth
Guardian: Jared
Support: Sniper
Lancer: Can't think of any rn, but currently fadingbreeze has best aim
Heavy: I would have to say me lol, I used to Hev a lot before but now a days I don't
Commander: zeryx
Recon: Manubarca
Mauler: Komdros, Chernobyl
Flag carrier: SniperAim
Clan leader: Zeraton (Because he actually helped inexperienced players improve rather than booting)
Map maker: Idk
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Clan leader: Zeraton (Because he actually helped inexperienced players improve rather than booting)
Did you live under a rock? Im not taking zera's great leadership away, but he was known for raging and kicking players that didnt meet his standards
Based on what I've experienced:

Assault: JohnCena
Guardian: Jared
Support: GalinKinlin
Lancer: N/A
Heavy: TDK
Commander: N/A
Recon: Manubarca
Mauler: Chernobyl
Flag carrier: N/A
Clan leader: Superstition
Map maker: Knux57
Mod: Hamo
Did you live under a rock? Im not taking zera's great leadership away, but he was known for raging and kicking players that didnt meet his standards

Well I was talking from personal experience. I was very experienced back then compared to the LOL members but he would still war with me. He had a hot temper but that is understandable.
Assault: Jangalang, jc, sephiroth, twa , Dx
Guardian: HLC
Support: Galmoth, galinkinlin, snipeman, klona
Lancer: tdk, ikidd, kronos
Heavy: grevious, jangalang
Commander: ZeryX, Ipbanned
Mauler: binladen, eos
Flag carrier: Sa, forget who else
Clan leader: superstition I liked
Map maker
Assault: Jang/Twa/Calmador/JC/Legend/Karnage/Dx
Guardian: lol
Support: Galinkinlin, Klonoa
Lancer:Ranger, early Ikidd
Heavy: ehh
Commander: Ranger, ZeryX
Recon: Zeraton, Manubarca
Mauler: komodros
Flag carrier: Manubarca
Clan leader: LiquidNitrogen, Superstition
Map maker
Thank you @Legend for the comment. You’re a great Assault and clan warrior.

Lancer: Was TDK good? He always made himself look like a Lancer pro(I’m guessing he was, hardly played with him). He made mention of khellendros, pmr, ikidd, and hbb in a Lancer tourney thread back in SandBoxd. Can anyone testify as to how good these people were? I heard iKidd was good but never anything about pmr, khellendros, pmr, or hbb.
Breaks my old 13-year-old heart that no one mentioned me even as an honorary recon/FC.

Anyway, for some of these classes I couldn't possibly name a best-of-all-time. Only several amazing players.

Assault: Sephiroth, Jangalang, JohnCena
Clan leader: Superstition, LiquidNitrogen, Zeraton (pains me to say it, honestly)
Support: GalinKinlin
Recon: SniperAim, ReconX, Dan, RevelationX
Mod: il, and probably other OG mods that I can't remember

In general: TWA, TDK, T15, Klonoa, IPBanned, Calmador, Kronos, Tehosegotin, SuperNoob, vSkyzv
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