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Pawn Tactics Community Suggestion Index

Hello potential suggestion thread creators! This thread is an index that lists all community upvoted and popular suggestions regarding Pawn Tactics. Before posting any thread in this section, please make sure someone hasn't suggested the idea before. If you find your idea has already been suggested, up-vote and post on the thread! We want to know what you think!

This thread will be updated as more suggestions come in. Not all suggestions will be added to the index, as this aims to keep track of the popular suggestions from this section.


Popular Suggestions

These are our most popular suggestions for Pawn Tactics. In this section, these have received the most community support.

Class Rebalance Suggestion(s):

Open - The BEST rebalancing suggestions(imo) - @lemogrenade
Open - List of Suggestions - @Kvitrafn
Open - Suggestion: Strengthen the Guard Class - @Sacred

Tutorial Suggestion(s):
Open - tutorial mode - @CraZeD

Bots Suggestion(s):
Open - Bots - @CraZeD

Clan Tag Suggestion(s):
Open - Suggestion: Clan Tag @CraZeD

Killfeed Suggestion(s):
Open - Suggestion - @TheCriminaL

Clan War Spectator Suggestion(s):
Accepted - Same Clan and Third Party Spectators for Clan Wars @Kvitrafn

Score Re-scaling Suggestion(s):
Implementation in Progress - [Vote] Bring back value to the leaderboards - @lemogrenade
Open - Give point-multiplier for new maps - @Zylinderknopf

Chat Suggestion(s):
Open - [Suggestion] Option To Disable Chat - @7
Open - Suggestion: Increase Clan Message Length - @7

Clan War Suggestion(s):
Open - 3 or 4 team clan wars - @TheCriminaL
Open - Suggestion: Clan war points according to size - @lemogrenade

Graphic Effects Suggestion(s):
Open - Congratulations! - @BN

Stats Suggestion(s):
Open - Record Maul Crits in stats - @7
Open - Double XP Weekend(s)? - @AntiN3wb


Other Suggestions
These suggestions received less overall community support, but are still important!

Game Mode Suggestion(s):

Open - Infection game mode - @lemogrenade
Open - Suggestion: Game mode - @LiquidNitrogen
Open - Suggestion: Game mode: Frontlines (alternate name could be Tug of War) - @IrishDragon1234
Open - Private Games - @TDK
Open - Friendly Fire Mode - @bazooka

Award Suggestion(s):
Open - Awards 2 - @7
Open - Suggestion: Modify Awards - @Sky

UI Suggestion(s):
Open - Add commas to scores - @lemogrenade

Open - Show my smoke option - @lemogrenade
Open - Chat Timestamps - @Kvitrafn
Open - afk idle/available - @Xenus
Open - Suggestion: Hitmarkers - @lemogrenade
Open - [Suggestion] Option To Disable Chat - @7
Open - Display number of players in each team - @Zylinderknopf
Open - Option to mute the radio messages - @Kvitrafn
Open - Very Slow Weapons Change - @Nitex1337

Gameplay Suggestion(s):
Open - Stamina - @Legend
Open - Assist Counts as Kill - @TheRealShank
Open - Spawn Invincibility timers and Hitsounds - @da2shae
Open - Different level of Grenades - @Nitex1337
Open - Walking/Sprinting Speed - @whatBandito
Open - Suggestion: Increase overall movement speed - @lemogrenade
Open - Suggestion: Special classes that a limited number of people on a team can play as at a given time @IrishDragon1234
Open - |$uggestion| Instant Spawn @CraZeD
Open - |$uggestion| READ @CraZeD
Open - Map feature you can only walk across from one direction? Would this allow for better designs and gameplay? - @IrishDragon1234
Open - Suggestion: Cover you can hide under, sort of like in @IrishDragon1234
Open - Suggestion: Mountable turrets/machineguns in maps? Ammo supply crates? Health crates? @IrishDragon1234

Clan War Suggestion(s):
Open - klen wer sugstion - @iKidd
Open - Clan War Idea - @CraZeD
Open - Making clan matches shorter/lenghting points on others - @iKidd
Open - Flag Fight Clan Wars - @Sky
Open - Add Clan War Wins/Losses to Stats - @7

Visual Effects Suggestion(s):
Smoke Options - @lemogrenade
Open - Suggestion: DM and KotH identification auras - @lemogrenade
Open - Update PT Tiles - @7

Audio Effects Suggestion(s):
Open - Suggestion: When Recon gets shot, shooter doesn't get that crunch/squish noise indicating a hit. - @IrishDragon1234

Points Suggestion(s):
Open - Some real incentive - @lemogrenade
Open - Lock Classes Until... - @TDK
Open - Clan Leader Requirement @Meganium

Class Suggestion(s):
Open - Suggestion: Class with ammo resupply? We already have a medic to fill health, why not someone for ammo? - @IrishDragon1234
Open - Suggestion: Medic reviving downed teammates? Sort of like in Battlefield. If you get them before they respawn, they get back up with low health. @IrishDragon1234
Open - Suggestion: Mortarman class - @IrishDragon1234
Open - Nerf Lancer (and other rebalance ideas)! - @HateAndFriends
Open - [CONCEPT] New Class - HUNTER - @BN

Map Suggestion(s):
Map Rotation After Every 3th Match - @Zylinderknopf


Implemented Suggestions
These suggestions have already been put forth, and our administration has added them!

UI Suggestion(s):

Implemented - Add Option for Automatic Lobby Scroll - @7
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